Alphonse Baudin (1811-1851) on the barricade of faubourg Saint-Antoine, 3rd December 1951, by Ernest Pichio.

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Baudin (1811-51) French political figure and doctor who devoted his practice to caring for the poor; elected a socialist deputy for the department of Ain after the 1848 revolution; in 1851, after the coup d’etat of 2 December and the dissolution of the National assembly by Prince-President, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte (future Napoleon III), Baudin wrote the manifesto appealing to the people of Paris, dictated to him by Victor Hugo and condemning the coup d’etat; killed on the Barricade while attempting to incite the workers of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine to rebel and after uttering his celebrated phrase: ‘You will see how one dies for twenty-five francs’ (Je vais vous montrer comment in meurt pour 25 francs par jour’);

Hugo records the his family’s reaction to his death in The History of a Crime:

The poor women still hoped. Perhaps the wound was serious, but Baudin was young, and had a good constitution. “They will save him,” said they. Gindrier was silent.

At the office of the Commissary of Police the truth was revealed.—”How is he?” asked Madame L—— on entering. “Why?” said the Commissary, “he is dead.” “What do you mean? Dead!” “Yes; killed on the spot.”

This was a painful moment. The despair of these two women who had been so abruptly struck to the heart burst forth in sobs. “Ah, infamous Bonaparte!” cried Madame L——.”He has killed Baudin. Well, then, I will kill him. I will be the Charlotte Corday of this Marat.”


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