Greetings!! SO my opera-loving great-aunt has just been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration and I’m going up to hers with a stack of DvDs weekend after next to hang out and…watch opera DvDs.

If anyone has suggestions for:

—opera not featuring everyone dying??

—opera that is the opposite of Wagner (this was her one specificatin when I asked)

—opera in English/with LARGE SUBTITLES or anything else like audio description for the partially sighted should you happen to own a DvD wih such extra features

it is appreciated!!! also your favourite production of [WELL KNOWN OPERA] if you have one as she knows the librettos of MANY. 

conversational prowess level: “skirting board!”




The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog.
I feel like I’ve been preparing for this image all my life.

The internet is over, everyone can go home

It’s just as beautiful as I always imagined.

My life is complete.

Life is over as we know it





The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog.

I feel like I’ve been preparing for this image all my life.

The internet is over, everyone can go home

It’s just as beautiful as I always imagined.

My life is complete.

Life is over as we know it


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Well now who among us would not enjoy the 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue?


CAPTAIN QUEERNABS. A shabby ill-dressed fellow.

CATCH FART. A footboy; so called from such servants
  commonly following close behind their master or mistress.

DROMEDARY. A heavy, bungling thief or rogue. A purple dromedary; a bungler in the art and mystery of thieving. CANT.

FUBSEY. Plump. A fubsey wench; a plump, healthy

HICKENBOTHOM. Mr. Hickenbothom; a ludicrous name for an unknown person, similar to that of Mr. Thingambob. Hickenbothom, i.e. a corruption of the German word ickenbaum, i.e. oak tree.

OTTOMISED. To be ottomised; to be dissected. You’ll be scragged, ottomised, and grin in a glass case: you’ll be hanged, anatomised, and your skeleton kept in a glass case at Surgeons’ Hall.

OWL IN AN IVY BUSH. He looks like an owl in an ivy bush; frequently said of a person with a large frizzled wig, or a woman whose hair is dressed a-la-blowze.

PREADAMITE QUACABITES. This great and laudable society
  (as they termed themselves) held their grand chapter
  at the Coal-hole.

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let’s take a moment to appreciate my boyfriends house and this magical room I can’t even

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Anonymously tell me how you feel about me. I can’t reply, I just have to read it and post it.

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i’ve been reliably informed that this


is not an appropriate way to begin an essay

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So I am the proud temporary possessor of a library copy of A Harlot High and Low with introduction and translation by Rayner Heppentall, and, following a brief summary of other Balzac novels and comparison of Vidocq, Valjean and Vautrin comes this shining passage:

How the homosexual thing came in, I don’t know. To us, it is certainly there. How much it was there to Balzac is a different matter. He knew about the existence of male prostitutes, that is certain. I am nevertheless far from certain that he conceived the relations between Lucien and his Mephistopheles to be anything like those we now regard as normal between men we describe as consenting adults. Not to put too fine a point on it, if he did, the sum total of sexual services then required of Lucien would be such that we need hardly feel surprised that, on his free evenings, all he wanted to do was recline on a divan and smoke a hookah.


Towards the end of May 1825, all Lucien’s vivacity had left him; he stopped going out, dined with Herrera, remained pensive, worked, read treatises on diplomacy, sat cross-egged like a Turk on his divan and smoked three or four hookahs a day, nursing his exhausted body back to health after the 24/7 sex marathon his life had, inevitably, become.

seriously every appearance of Lucien for at least the whole book I read as Lucien (TIRED OUT BY ALL THE SEXUAL SERVICES HE WAS RENDERING), Lucien (WITH A SLIGHTLY GLAZED AND SORE LOOK), Lucien (BATHING HIS FEET IN COFFEE TO RECOVER)

2. How DID the Homosexual Thing come in? It’s far from certain, after all, that it originally inhabited these texts, and yet nestled between the pages is a definite teenage specimen. Apparently, when young and thin, it rode around in Proust’s shirt pocket, and he slipped it indulgent madeleines. Now it browses for nourishment just below the surface of the words. Soon it will be old enough to raise its own young, nurtured in the warm and fecund breeding grounds of euphemistically untranslated Loebs and rather daring modern novels. Homosexual Things can build substantial colonies, as observed in liberal arts laboratories around the world.  They are even sometimes found lurking in the wardrobe, or behind the stove.


deadline frog had a brain once


deadline frog had a brain once

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Olivia, my eldest daughter, caught measles when she was seven years old. As the illness took its usual course I can remember reading to her often in bed and not feeling particularly alarmed about it. Then one morning, when she was well on the road to recovery, I was sitting on her bed showing her how to fashion little animals out of coloured pipe-cleaners, and when it came to her turn to make one herself, I noticed that her fingers and her mind were not working together and she couldn’t do anything.

“Are you feeling all right?” I asked her.

“I feel all sleepy, ” she said.

In an hour, she was unconscious. In twelve hours she was dead.

The measles had turned into a terrible thing called measles encephalitis and there was nothing the doctors could do to save her.

That was twenty-four years ago in 1962, but even now, if a child with measles happens to develop the same deadly reaction from measles as Olivia did, there would still be nothing the doctors could do to help her.

On the other hand, there is today something that parents can do to make sure that this sort of tragedy does not happen to a child of theirs. They can insist that their child is immunised against measles. I was unable to do that for Olivia in 1962 because in those days a reliable measles vaccine had not been discovered. Today a good and safe vaccine is available to every family and all you have to do is to ask your doctor to administer it.

It is not yet generally accepted that measles can be a dangerous illness.

Believe me, it is. In my opinion parents who now refuse to have their children immunised are putting the lives of those children at risk.

In America, where measles immunisation is compulsory, measles like smallpox, has been virtually wiped out.

Here in Britain, because so many parents refuse, either out of obstinacy or ignorance or fear, to allow their children to be immunised, we still have a hundred thousand cases of measles every year.

Out of those, more than 10,000 will suffer side effects of one kind or another.

At least 10,000 will develop ear or chest infections.

About 20 will die.


Every year around 20 children will die in Britain from measles.

So what about the risks that your children will run from being immunised?

They are almost non-existent. Listen to this. In a district of around 300,000 people, there will be only one child every 250 years who will develop serious side effects from measles immunisation! That is about a million to one chance. I should think there would be more chance of your child choking to death on a chocolate bar than of becoming seriously ill from a measles immunisation.

So what on earth are you worrying about?

It really is almost a crime to allow your child to go unimmunised.

Roald Dahl, 1986

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roald dahl was calling out the anti-vaccination movement as self indulgent bullshit //thirty god damn years ago//.

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Over 1,000 preventable deaths and 128,000 preventable illnesses since 2007 and counting

And this is only in recent history. I can’t imagine the numbers if we had data all the way back to 1986.

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And thanks to anti-vaxxers, measles is back in the United States.

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