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Pfft Americans spend so much time at the office because we all play cell phone games I’m the toilet. Or maybe it’s the other way around…

I initially read this as “in modern America, toilet is YOU!” but, ahh, I feel like it’s definitely the other way round. But yes I looked this up and it’s apparently actually statistically true! I…did not realise this at all, nor the difference in how much people eat in restaurants between America and Europe. MORE AND BETTER CELLPHONE GAMES, 28 DAYS’ LEAVE such is my vote.

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We are a delight to work for

But what if I was to end up working for Fritzi von Mopsdorf rather than the benign Carl un Chien? WHAT HORRORS WOULD OCCUR?

madame-madeleine asked: hey, about the opera thing: i dunno what kind of opera your aunt likes, but The Marriage of Figaro is kinda fun, as far as I remember; possibly The Magic Flute?

Thank you so much! The Marriage of Figaro and the Magic Flute are both REALLY EXCELLENT SUGGESTIONS especially as the former is indeed one of her faves and so watching a good production of it would be great.

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Comte ory is not English but always puts me in a good mood.
Also I’m sorry your poor gramma — so great that she loves something that can be enjoyed as music

Let’s face it the main writer of English opera is Benjamin Britten and he’s NEVER happy.

Thank you also very much for your kind words - it’s really appreciated. It is VERY MUCH something that is primarily music and that is great!!

Joyce Didonato version?

seriously fuck the american work ethic i want to be paid for benders

sometimes a person has to do what a person has to do!

Life advice from pliny-mother:

"Don’t take work too seriously. The worst thing in the world is working for Americans, because they have that Protestant work ethic! Back when I worked for the newspaper company, the boss would disappear for days on a bender! Nothing actually went WRONG."

…we were watching Black Books and it strikes me that I’m not sure she realises it’s a comedy and not, like, a portrait of everyday British life and the values of incompetence and drunkenness which have so enriched the nation.

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Oh no macular degeneration is one of my great irrational fears I’m sorry ):
THE OPPOSITE OF WAGNER HUMPH oh well I understand all too well

How about the lovely Schwartzkopf/Ludwig rosenkavalier?

Thank you! I really appreciate both the sympathies and the recs. It came on really, really suddenly so I think everyone’s still trying to work out what to do.

I’m sorry!! Her other main intense hatred is regie I feel I may have unthinkingly absorbed said prejudices. Do…many people desire the opposite of Wagner in life?

IS IT THIS?? It looks completely wonderful and escapist and also yes, entirely what is warranted (great-aunt loves the Merry Widow very very much for…vaaaguely similar things by Lehar and also loves Strauss) 

Greetings!! SO my opera-loving great-aunt has just been diagnosed with wet macular degeneration and I’m going up to hers with a stack of DvDs weekend after next to hang out and…watch opera DvDs.

If anyone has suggestions for:

—opera not featuring everyone dying??

—opera that is the opposite of Wagner (this was her one specificatin when I asked)

—opera in English/with LARGE SUBTITLES or anything else like audio description for the partially sighted should you happen to own a DvD wih such extra features

it is appreciated!!! also your favourite production of [WELL KNOWN OPERA] if you have one as she knows the librettos of MANY. 

conversational prowess level: “skirting board!”